Our teams consist of highly qualified personnel: in our operation is always a geologist with gained experience for more than ten thousand test. All surveys are the carried out using standard international reference.

SOILTEST develops projects and offer solutions for all problems in geophysics, environmental and landscape. Our expertise can be applied to all areas that require interventions and geological information. The vast expertise in monitoring and subsoil exploration, the complete modern equipment available and a professional team can make a difference in any geological problems.

  • Gianluca¬†Maccarone¬†(Amministratore Unico)
  • Lorenzo Pizii (Geologia & Geofisica)
  • Angelo Angelucci (Geologia in sito)
  • Mauro Di Nisio (Geologia & GIS)
  • Alessia Marino (Geofisica)
  • Stefania Di Bartolomeo (Geologia)
  • Fabio Lo Medico (Geologia & Ambiente)
  • Cristiano Proto (Tecnico in sito)