Environmental Investigations

Soiltest performs environmental sampling and remediation work and safety taking advantage of Geoprobe ® equipment.

Geoprobe® system allow  extraction of samples of undisturbed ground.

Geoprobe is a hydraulic probe  with a direct-push advancing system, which does not use the perforation  fluids. It was specifically created for the characterisation of the soil , subsoil, interstitial gas and for the underground water of contaminated sites. The Geoprobe® method allows to sample the ground without overheating, in this way any possible solvent evaporation is avoided.
Furthermore, the auction drilling and related accessories are made of steel treaty does not require the use of any lubricant. Geoprobe® allows to avoid any secondary pollution events and even possible chemical or physical alterations. In this way it ensures a recovery of more than 85%,, according to the italian laws.

The use of the Geoprobe® allows you to:

  • Continuous sampling of land with run stratigraphic analysis;
  • Progress in destruction of nucleus;
  • Continuous sampling of groundwater;
  • Continuous sampling of interstitial gas;
  • Installation of temporary and permanent piezometers;
  • Making permanent monitoring of gas;
  • Injections of reacting substances in the soil for the removal of pollutants.