SOILTEST’s technicians are constantly update and they use a high-tech instrumentation and software innovations to ensure faster intervention, more accurate, less invasive and more reliable. A company’s goal is to constantly enrich this heritage to offer a better and competitive service.

Actually  our instrument are:

Nr.2: Pagani penetrometer TG63-200 (static-dynamic)

Equipment supplied: Conical Tip for dynamic test (60 ° and 90 °), Mechanics Begemann tip, electric piezocone tip, Marchetti flat dilatometer, Marchetti Seismic dilatometer, Sampler Shelby.
With the help of such equipment perform the following tests: DPSH, CPTM, CPTU, CPTE, DMT, SDMT.

Nr.1: Geoprobe 54 LT

Geoprobe  is a hydraulic probe  with a direct-push advancing system, which does not use the perforation  fluids. It was specifically created for the characterization of the soil , subsoil, interstitial gas and for the underground water of contaminated sites and is also used for the treatment and environmental remediation of aquifers / land through the injection of special products such as ORC ® and HRC ®.

Sampling techniques: Macro Core and Dual Tube.
It offers the possibility of withdrawal of water without installation of piezometers. Possibility of installing micropiezometri.

Nr.1: resistivimeter MAE – A6000E

A6000E resistivimeter is a digital multi-electrode for Electrical Tomography (ERT), SEV (vertical electrical soundings), and SEO (horizontal electrical soundings), Electrical Cross-Hole, Induced Polarization (IP) and Spontaneous Potential (SP).
After completing the measurement data can be immediately processed with the relative processing software that allow to obtain 1D profiles, 2D sections and 3D modeling. Equipment supplied: 48 electrodes., N. 3 cables with 16 take-out step 3 m; N. 2 cables with 16 take-out step 10 m; external power generator for voltages up to 800 volts.

Nr.1: Resisitivimeters CONTROLS E85A

Used for acquisition of  S.E.V. (vertical electrical soundings) and S.E.O. (horizontal electrical soundings). AB cable length max m 1000.

Nr.1: Ultrasonic pulse velocity  MAE A3000U

Used for structural verification by non-invasive ultrasound on masonry, reinforced concrete, pilings, infrastructure or buildings. The instrument measures the homogeneity of the masonry or conglomerate, the elasto-mechanical characteristics and the extent, geometry, dislocation or internal defects, variations in time of the qualitative parameters of the concrete.

Nr.1: Tromino Micromed

Single-station instrument for recording passive vibration (eg UNI9916, DIN4150), to allow passive modal analysis of the structures (modes frequencies, warped some modes), analysis  H / V (resonance of land).

Nr.2: Sismografi (Geode – PASI 16S-24)

For 16-24 bits data acquisition of surface refraction, reflection (2D-3D), MASW, ReMi, HVSR.
Tests in hole: downhole, Cross-Hole, Up-Hole, Parallel Seismic and VSP.
Equipment supplied: 24 to 10 Hz vertical geophones PASI, 24 to 10 Hz horizontal geophones PASI; 24 to 4.5 Hz vertical geophones PASI; 24 to 40 Hz vertical geophones Geospace, 24 to 10 Hz horizontal geophones Geospace; 1 to 10 Hz geophone from three-dimensional Steps. Cables for seismic surface with 24 take-out step m 2.5 – 5.0 – 10.0. Cable for seismic hole length of 100 m. Energized by ram 10 kg, mini-bang (gun seismic), vibrodyne.

Other equipment for monitoring

Nr.2: phreatimeters
Nr.1: Grundfos GS-500 submersible electric pump