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05 lug 2018

How Geology Influenced The Landing In Normandy On D-Day

When the Allied Forces planned the D-Day invasion, they took geology into account. Nearly one million aerial photographs of the shores of Normandy were studied to find the best landing sites for the invasion and establish a western front against Nazi Germany. Keep reading… www.forbes.com

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26 feb 2016

The myth of ‘wine geology’

The idea that a vineyard’s soil lends a wine its flavour is becoming increasingly popular – but is there any scientific basis? “Soil, not grapes, is the latest must-know when choosing a wine,” Bloomberg has proclaimed. Meanwhile, wine writer Alice Feiring has published a book which helps drinkers choose their tipple by “looking at the source: the ground […]

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02 mar 2015

Rem Tech EXPO 2019

Il 18-20 settembre 2019 presso il Quartiere fieristico di Ferrara è previsto il 13° salone sulle bonifiche dei siti contaminati Rem Tech EXPO 2018. Il salone più specializzato in Italia sulle bonifiche dei siti contaminati e sulla riqualificazione del territorio, si rivolge ad aziende, pubbliche amministrazioni, associazioni, istituzioni, professionisti, università, industria, comparto petrolifero, settore immobiliare e della […]

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